Two exercises for boxers and strikers to try.

While for the most part strong is strong and quick is quick. Im not totally fond of ‘specific’ exercises but there are a few cases I like a good ‘generally specific’ exercise. For instance Zercher Good Mornings for grapplers or snatch grip deadlifts or thick curls for MMA fighters. For boxers and strikers there are a few moves I’ll try and fit into the routine if possible and the athlete has a good level of strength.

Keystone Deadlift

The keystone deadlift is a slight variation of the Romanian deadlift. This is used for top end hamstring and glute strength and can often be loaded pretty heavy a great recipe of improving punching power. Fred Hatfield aka “Dr. Squat” prescribed partial squats and keystone deadlifts to Evander Holyfield and it certainly did him no harm.

Contralateral Sit-up

Deceptively hard. Performed with one leg anchored and one foot ‘out’ the weight is held in the opposite side to the anchored foot. These variations are harder than they look and offer a surprising challenge to those who do a lot of conventional sit-ups and ab work as you have to brace crossbody. Good bracing cross body from the shoulder and the opposite hip is essential for power and performance, think punching, throwing or sprinting.

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