Tips for amateur and recreational golfers during lockdown

Golf enthusiasts and players are in an unfortunate situation at the moment, not only is the local course closed, but we also dont have any professional golf on television right now. The temptation might be to engage in arbitary fitness challenges or copy articles or advice seen on social media. For the purpose of this article recreation golfer are individuals who by and large play golf for fun. Amateurs span a wide range of talent levels, ranging from almost professional standard down to pretty much recreational.

Tip #1 Your health right now is more important that any game, sport or any other activity. This an opportune time to focus on lifestyle, sleep and dietary consistency. If you dont make a living from golf I suggest you have your priorities straight and focus on your health first and foremost. Worry about your swing when everything is back to normal.

Tip#2 General fitness will support a return to golf better than golf specific fitness. What is true for recreational golfers is true for professionals. Sudden spikes in training load are the fastest way to get injured. The total volume of golf your doing now has probably dropped dramatically, if not to zero. Im expecting post lockdown, a feverish attempt to get into shape as gyms reopen and a sudden return to play as courses reopen. You can maintain a certain level of robustness by maintaining a consistent training routine. What will not support your general fitness is an attempt to replicate golf oriented exercises. Professionals play for a living, leave staying sharp to them, you after some appropriate practice will be able to play regularly once more. Stay fit, stay patient. If you need a lofi GPP approach I suggest checkout our store here. Or check out our instagram where Ive been posting progressive simple workouts for our general gym population.

Tip#3 Although recreational and amateur golfers play less often it often factors into their total weekly calorific expenditure. Coming out of lock down in worse shape than when you went is a real potential issue. Ive written a guide here on making sure your diet is under control during lock down.

Tip #4 Have a good mobility routine in place, for one key reason. Break up your sitting around. Mobility is over sold to professional golfers but most recreational golfers have movement limitations that limit swing potential. Tight hips and shoulder being two of the most obvious area’s there are plenty of great routines available all over the internet. The key here is not to worry too much about ‘golf specific’ mobility routines and focus on general mobility. Do it daily or every other day.

At the ETPI we have some great examples of this;

Tip #5 Learn more about effective golf strength and conditioning approaches. Take the time to educate your self and look at the work I’ve been doing and the work we’ve been doing with the ETPI. So that when normal service is resumed you can head back to gym with purpose and intent to support your general wellbeing and your golf game.

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