The Powering-Through Training Session

I’ve been meaning to film some of my training for sometime. After much bitching, Ez finally convinced me to visit the FXDM Busy Works Gym to film some material. This video features me during an actual training session where I explain the techs and ideas behind my training approach to Ez as things develop. I run through a quick warm-up and hit a lower body session including front squats, clean pulls core and grip work. For the most part a body building and fitness channel, I hope I added a bit of different flavour bringing in an S&C approach to the proceedings.

I had a great time filming with Ez, who is the mind behind FXDM and fitnessmadeez. What we put out is what will be the first of a few training videos and I am looking forward to filming more.

I’ve talked about FXDM before and since then it has evolved into a fully fledged training channel, with videos on all sorts of subjects, calling in experts from various disciplines.

The TV channel is an open ended video series that covers weight training, strength & conditioning, bodyweight exercises, fitness, nutrition, supplements, interviews, mini documentaries, abdominal development, weight gain, weight loss etc… You can find their website, FB and twitter below!

Flexdem Gym Wear:

For those of you who are interested I am still offering places on my £25 $40 a month on-line training program. Get in fast as it won’t be that price forever! Email

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