Strength Coach Network Course – Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals

The Strength Coach Network Fundamentals seeks to address the 4 Ps of career development:

Personal– to build more efficient processes into your work, free up more time to be a human being and spend time with your loved ones.

Pay– to equip yourself with the financial tools to earn your worth and be secure in your standard of living.

Progression– to develop the necessary professional skills and knowledge to achieve your ultimate career goal.

Purpose– to belong to something bigger than one’s self and feel a sense of mission in your work (this one is on you, but if you’ve read this far, you probably have it) 

We want to provide with the kind of information and mental tools to become a true high performance practitioner: to influence every aspect of your programme by collaborating with other key athlete stakeholders from dieticians, to sport coaches to medical staff. In doing so you’ll become the indispensable hub that all information and decision making passes through, a role that makes you easier to promote and pay well, and harder to fire. 

This course is not intended to be like all the rest. Like most of the good things in life, in taking this course, you’ll sacrifice the short term reward of convenience and ease for a bigger reward in the long term: drastically improved professional prospects. There’s no plug and play programme. There’s no exercise list. There’s no gimmick you can show off on the gram. What you are going to get is a framework and a way of thinking, that if you spend the time and do the work, will serve you for the rest of your career.

The same is true financially. We’re more expensive than the rest, but our intent and belief is that you’ll return many times the value of this course to you over the course of your career. When you’re able to distinguish yourself from the competition and land bigger jobs sooner, and negotiate from financially stronger positions, that’s real return on investment. Successful and financially productive careers are not built on methods. Learning a way of tweaking PNF, or even being the best Olympic lifting guy does not get you hired or win championships.

We’re biased but even if our competitors were offering the same type of materials or information (they’re not, we checked), we put our guys against their guys any day of the week. We’ve tried to recruit the smartest guys out ehre with a ton of skin in the game.

Even if you can find better out there (you can’t), you’re probably going to have to cherry pick from a variety of different sources at a much higher cost of time and money. With The Fundamentals, we’ve done the filtering for you. It’s all here for you in an easy to consume format and a much lower price than you’d be able to organise by yourself.

“How much is it going to cost me?”

We’ve set the price of entry to this course at $499.99.

This is premium education, so we’ve priced it accordingly. But as an investment that will return many times that to you over the course of your long career, it should be an easy decision to make. If you really can’t afford $500, please don’t spend your money here and break the bank, go fix that problem first. If you don’t think you’re going to be around long enough to return the investment of this course over a couple of years or longer, this field is not for you and you shouldn’t spend your money here. But if you are committed to this field and you are looking significantly improve your work and career prospects as a coach, this course is for you.

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