Strength and Conditioning has a new home

Im happy to announce ill now be offering my services out of the Workshop gym at the Guildford Lido. The workshop gym is well equiped, with competition rated benches, squat racks and bars. This enviroment is great for the conjugate style training i employ with the athletes i work with. Additionally the near by sports fields provide ample space for drills and GPP work.

“Guildford Lido is the home of Guildford’s first Sports & bodybuilding gym. It caters for all athletes, especially strength athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who want to remain fit and toned. The Workshop Gym is equipped with over 30 pieces of equipment, is fully air-conditioned and offers free parking.”

For information on training, interventions available and pricing email me at or call 07814488279

additionally i came across this GPP video with sean sherk, this GPP at its best! All capacities are getting trained here.

Sean Sherk – Caveman Training
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Will Wayland

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