Strength and conditioning can benefit even lower league teams

Interesting post on Paul Fletchers BBC blog about Glen Thurgood strength and conditioning coach for Northampton Town.

Some great quote which highlight strength and conditioning issues in Football. The biggest stand out being injury and fear of reinjury, footballers have a long season and end up quite battered by the end of it. The football of injury prevention issue is very prevalent atm as High lighted by Raymond Verheijen, but the approach to which is an issue of fierce debate. With alot of money at stake, employing a coach who curtails to management and technical coaches and then does’nt make an impact only serves to reinforced alot of technical coaches lack of interest in the peformance improvements strength and conditioning programmes can bring. But Thurgood seems to have found a system that works. Here are some choice quotes.

“Sometimes it is a choice between employing a conditioning coach, investing in new facilities and seeing the results in three, four or five years, or buying a couple of new players in an attempt to get promoted.”

Most of the time Managers put faith in new talent as opposed to developing and improving the performance of current talent.

The body only works in one particular way and so you can predict what will happen when you do X, Y or Z to it. It is possible to predict how long it should take a player to return to optimum condition after injury, or how long the body will take to adapt to different things you ask of it.

“Training is standardised for the squad but in strength and conditioning everything is individualised,” added Thurgood, who is keen to continue to share and exchange with his contacts in Madrid.

“Footballers play in different positions, they are different genetically and have different training ages. It is a lot of work and a bit of a headache but worth it to work out their [strength and conditioning] weaknesses and then improve them.”

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