Squat & Deadlift Seminar, a few take aways!

Harry has some impressive glutes!

Harry Grove and Myself would like to thank all that attended the Squat and Deadlift seminar at Migym.com. The attendance was great and the attendees really got stuck in. Have the opportunity to listen to someone who isn’t just a weight room hero and has stepped out into competition like Harry is a real honour. Even though I was taking the seminar I picked up plenty of things to thing about in the future when it comes to the nuisances of squatting and dead-lifting.

Below are a few of the take aways for me.

  • Maxing out regularly is more deleterious the stronger you become, Harry has only maxed out three times in all of 2013
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing is essential to maintaining a solid neutral spine, practice jabbing your fingers a few inches each side of your belly button and ‘make yourself fat’
  • Many athletes over extend their lower lumbar to achieve stability, whereas noobies flex their lumbar to achieve depth
  • Neat trick of posteriorly tilting your pelvis helps you get more air in before you brace, just be sure to tilt it back to neutral before you squat
  • Behind the back snatch grip hip hinges are really useful for those that struggle with the hinge
  • Driving your toes into the floor helps provide extra knee stability
  • High bar or low bar is not really an issue use what works for you
  • Pack the chin when squatting and deadlift for improved lower trap activation and remove risk of cervical discomfort
  • Practice the basic squat and hip patterns, do Goblet Squats, do Goat belly swings, do them for high reps and get good at the them
  • Beginners do not need to handle a barbell if they cannot perform the above
  • To be a truly great powerlifter be 5’9 or shorter and have significant subscapular thickness, the rest of us have to make do with what mum and dad gave us
  • If you get stuck at the bottom of squats look to improve quad drive, do Bulgarian split squats, Iso back squats, Close stance lunges.
  • If you get stuck in the 2nd half, look to strength your lowerback and glutes, step-ups, hip thrusts and romanian deadlifts can really help.
  • If you struggle getting your deadlift off the floor, improving quad drive can help but so can deficit deadlifts and focusing on improving rate of force development, so start doing those speed pulls!

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