So you found an awesome training program on the internet

This is a great program (by great Jim Kiritsy) if you played for Kennesaw State but you don’t.

Training doesn’t have to be complicated – often most athletes will bloom just by following a simple lifting program with planned progression. This is always better than random and self led training which can be subjective to the athletes preferences. This then often leads athletes to follow programs they find online. This does come with a caveat – as these programs offer no thought about program impact, recovery and stress that comes with following cookie cutter internet programs. The program does’nt know who you are it just wants your numbers. 

Often the act of merely fitting these lifting programs around the athlete and their training schedule is enough to produce positive results in some cases. More often than not following a powerlifting program which make up the basis of most online programs ends up as a resource battle between sport and lifting training. (I have had someone ask me in the past how they could fit a smolov squat cycle around BJJ training ~ not going to happen). 

You forgot the point of lifting for sport, its a means to an end. (unless you are a powerlifter/olympic lifter/crossfitter etc)

I run a twice a week strength class we all follow the same basic structure but we allow for anthropometry, injury history and technical differences so that everyones training ends up looking at little different despite the premise of the class being to improve the big lifts. Eventually the simple starting point yields training complexity as it concerns the individual. Nothing wrong with on-line inspiration but don’t be a slave to it.

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