Snatch Grip Deadlifts for MMA fighters and Grapplers

 What you need to know

  • The snatch grip deadlift is a quality, low back friendly alternative to the conventional deadlift.
  • Provides more ROM and time under tension than a standard squat or deadlift
  • Excellent stimulator of posterior chain due to Increased ROM and tension
  • Uses all the back muscles for building that yolk that can help with injury proofing

Why Snatch Grip deadlift. Both Dan John and Charles Polquin have referred to snatch grip deadlift with much esteem. To quote Dan John he uses this a few other exercises to promote “”Armor Building”, I maintain that quality fighters need to deal with contact, snatch grip deadlifts, Zercher squats, biceps curls (especially with a thick bar), and bench presses. That protocol will answer the call better than anything else.”

 Snatch-grip deadlifts are similar to standard deadlifts except that the grip is much wider, how wide? I usually regard anything wider than the out smooth rings on the bar, longer armed lifters will be closer to the collars shorter armed lifters nearer to the smooth ring. Olympic lifting purists may moan about grip width but Im after increased ROM and time under tension, not building a better snatch. Upper back and grip development I find come real fast when performed diligently. In most cases, lifters will need to use straps to maintain grip with heavier snatch-grip Deadlifts.

The wide grip places the traps and lats under constant tension. Posterior chain development and improved hip and back extension are another posistive, I have written in the past how grapplers are often chronically over flexed. The wider grip forces you into a lower position, almost into a full squat. This lower position also changes the position of your torso, thus requiring more of the emphasis on the entire back, hamstrings, and glutes forcing good extension. Word of warning how ever those with poor mobility should probably skip this deadlift variation. Personally I am a big fan of this in combination with heavy front squats as the two compliment each other well placing larger emphasis on posterior and anterior chains respectively. For programming purposes usually the Snatch Grip Deadlift sits about around 70-80% of Conventional. However we rarely do less then three reps.

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