Reversal Shorts Extra review

The Reversal Extra Shorts are 100% Nylon. It’s a pretty simple yet strong pair of shorts and are pretty tidy looking alot of shorts are covered in all sorts of crowded designs these are plain and simple.. They’re what you would expect from a brand like reversal dogi design works with a drawstring, baggy fit, big leg slits, stretch panels between the legs, long velcrow waist. The version I bought are all red with black leg stripes, black stretch panel and Yellow printing on the legs. The shorts also have some a pretty good quality screen printing on them, so I guess no worries for a while. They’re a standard low profile design which I also like.

The shorts performed well in Muay Thai and striking work. There was no hindering of kicks, they’re light and not too baggy, the stretch panel did its job and they’re gonna hold up for a while. In BJJ they moved with you and didn’t ride up when you were pulling guard and left me unhindered when performing sweeps and performing moves which require opening up the hips. They felt just right. I definatly recommend these shorts if you can afford the rather steep price, 80,000 won.

Only draw back I could find was that you need to order at least one or two sizes above your own, especially if like you have a small waist and larger legs.

I purchased these from Isami Seoul

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