Reversal Shorts and How my training looks right now

Currently Getting Ready for an MMA competition in October here in Korea, Using a Westside modified program I pulled from defrancos website. Added more Scapular retraction work and more quad emphasis on unilateral exercises. Rounds here are generally 10 minutes + 5minutes which is going to be tough seeing as in the past ive only prepped for grappling competitions with much shorter rounds.


  1. DE Lower Body Movement (Jump variation)
  2. ME Upper Body movement
  3. Posterior chain lower body movement
  4. DB press variation
  5. Lat/Upper vertical back superset
  6. Ab circuit (high reps)


  1. ME Lower Body Movement
  2. Rep Upper Body movement (chin-up or push-up variation)
  3. Unilateral lower body movement
  4. Shrug/back horizontal variation super-setted with rear delt movement
  5. Grip training
  6. Weighted abdominals

Conditioning is fairly standard mixing up standard BW and weight work with speed and mobility throw in for good measure, working on 5 minute rounds which I aim to make longer. Ill post more about these when I can take some photo’s.

Ive also picked up a pair of Reversal Dogi Design Works shorts which ill review soon. Just from looking at them I can tell you the build quality is really high and they look really nice.

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