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#repost How do you mitigate people injuring themselves when they come back to the gym? @rehab2robust & myself appeared on @shoulderdoctor life after lockdown webinar series. . @rehab2robust and myself try answer this question and the simple answer is to act like they’ve done nothing. . We advised to underestimate by a lot > overestimate by a little – because the payoff isn’t symmetrical. “Those who return to the gym aggressively in their first week are likely to spend the next couple of weeks drinking sappuccinos”. That’s @rugby_strength_coach for that one! . More people are getting involved in exercise than ever before – when you limit people’s freedom to do something they want to exercise it as often as they can. We’ve been bombarded with social media posts on what you can be doing – the dreaded Instagram workouts, to pushup challenges to “dry humping the sofa”. . In all this, we have to ask how well are people prepared for the sudden onslaught of instagram-taught training and how well this will prepare them for their return to proper gym training. . We also answered the question of managing infection control in the gym when things reopen. @shoulderdoctor “- well worth a listen as these guys really know their stuff and clearly care about their clients and their safe return to the gym.” . How are you preparing for a return to the gym either for yourself or your patients and clients?

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