Random Training Thoughts #9 Auto-Regulation, Velocity, nutrition and kettlebells

Daily max using Push band to track velocity drop off

Occasionally I’ll right a post that outlines stuff I’m doing, learning or experimenting with. Often I’m strapped for time so its easier to highlight these as points.

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#1 Recently I have switched from strict percentages to auto regulation with in a given range using velocity measures. Now we are better understanding the relationship between velocity drop-off and neuro-muscular fatigue. In his post ‘Velocity Loss as an Indicator of Neuromuscular Fatigue During Resistance Training’
Mladen Jovanovic mentions “I end up doing 10 sets of 2 reps with 2 min rest. One could stop doing sets when one can’t maintain minimum velocity for the first reps with set rest time, or when one exceeds allotment time per exercises” regular readers may have seen something similar to this before with death ground training.

#2 Related to #1 with so many tools for measuring day to day athlete we will see more exploration of the concept of fluid training. Give this interesting Dissertation a look.

Key points being;

– Each load represents a different stressor and its magnitude is specific to the individual.

– Given the individual variance between athletes, all loads acting on the athlete must be assessed to properly monitor the body’s ability to adapt to functional stress.

– Through the use of fluid periodization, controllable external loads (frequency, intensity, time, and type of resistance training) can be manipulated to achieve load balance.

– Thus, if an athlete has experienced a significant allostatic load prior to a training stimulus, their resources for adaption may be significantly reduced depending on the magnitude of the incurred stress.

#3 Front Squats and Romainian Deadlifts have a restorative to over flexed grapplers by encouraging a neutral spine and good thoracic positioning, all things a lot of combat athletes can be quite bad at. Its not common to see these poor habits reoccur when they backsquat (goodmorning) reps because they are tired from last nights wrestling session. I recently wrote about why I prefer these two lifts for combat athletes. http://www.powering-through.com/2016/02/why-i-prefer-front-squats-and-romainian.html

#4 Neck training with the recent attention placed on CTE.  While it may look goofy and isn’t as fun to see on #instagram as glutes and abs. Neck training can reduce concussion by a third and may help prevent brain injuries. In the picture below I’m performing iso manual neck work on superbike rider Danny Buchan using a small towel and some gentle pressure while he resists. 5 mins 2-3 days a week are all It requires and its certainly worthy of your time if you play a collision sport. There is more here if you are interested.

#4 I recently held a nutrition basics seminar at mi-gym that proved pretty popular. The key science within was pretty much this.

  • If you want to lose weight run a 500 kcal deficit.
  • If you want to gain weight run a 500 kcal surplus.
  • Eat a varied diet.
  • Whey protein and Creatine should be your staple supplements.
  • Occasional CHO fasting may have some use when applied judiciously.
  • Weight loss is old fashioned, nutrition nonsense is now becoming about promoting ‘health’. 

#5 I have recently also teamed up with Efectiv nutrition who are also supplement sponsor of UFC’s Arnold Allen you might recognise from this blog! I’ll be making social media posts and posts on their blog, check it out http://www.efectivnutrition.com/blog

#6 I made a post on facebook about the fallacy of getting to attached to a well marketed method in this case kettlebells. While the response was positive, a few people emotionally invested in this single method posted letting me know just how emotionally invested they were. Just so we are clear I don’t hate kettlebells I dislike servile commitment to a single peice of kit.

Stop listening to Joe Rogan, put down the kettlebell and learn to barbell lift. Unless you don’t do anything then the…
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