Random Training Thoughts #4 (aka idea’s that don’t warrant a full blog post)


Arnold Allen looking pensive between reps

Its been a while since I’ve done one of these, heres what is rattling around in my brain at the moment.

#1 Its awesome to get feedback from Online Clients, BJJ Black Belts and MMA fighters talk about how much more “Athletic” the program makes them feel. This is end game folks, athleticism not numbers. If you try and appropriate heavy lifting routines “as is” that are intended for weightlifters, body-builders and power-lifters you may find rate of force development will suffer, tightness, tiredness and potential for injury. Your opponent doesn’t fear your 1RM he fears your athleticism.

#2 TRT ban is good thing as it will lead to smarter training, TRT is not a means to escape a grind that is crushing your endocrine system. Effectively doping via loop hole this went on for laughably far too long, I’ve made my feelings about doping very clear here.

#3 Potentiation Clusters are awesome for promoting quality reps and improving rate of force development in one fell swoop. While I’ve used it for a while. We’ve recently been applying these idea’s to some of our competitive crossfitters down at Mi-gym.com. Post for scramble coming soon.

#4 Clusters and EMOM singles are great for promoting quality work. I would rather an athlete do 8-12 reps @ 90% of their 1RM with 1 min rest between sets. Rather than 3×3 in which the final 2 sets look nothing like the first. I talked about this in the Death Ground Squats article. 

By hitting regular singles we can achieve a higher volume of high quality work at a high intensity. I found attempting 90%+ lifts using 3 x 3 the third set looked awful, despite Zatsiorsky (Science and Practice of Strength Training) suggesting the this the best place to acquire strength. Id rather have 9 high quality reps than 3 good ones followed by 6 ugly ones.”

This is why I prefer 5 x 3 over 3 x 5 @ 80% for same number of total reps but I can guarantee 5 x 3 would look better.

#5 Related to the above and doping. I put this up on facebook Natural athletes need well planned intensity not more volume. They have less of them selves to expend. Intensity is however scary and hard, people shy away from intensity. Volume is a grind but doesn’t require the same fortitude.” Common mistake is to throw more volume at clients and athletes versus proper planning. Volume and drugs go hand in hand, because for the short sighted it is the obvious wayout when training volume out strips capacity to recover. Naturals need to be like surgeons rather than butchers.

#6 Crossfitters need to in my opinion do two things, no 1 slow down, respect your ability to decelerate, embrace eccentric and isometric work. Most training induced injuries are the failure of structures to effectively dissipate force either suddenly (strains/sprains) or over time (over use injuries) no 2 do # 4

#7 I would really like to see Megumi Fujii vs Rosi Sexton
Rosi recently called Megumi out. Megumi is one of my favourite fighters period and it would be great to see her and sexton throw down in one last match up. She had this to say on the request.

I like Rosi. She is true warrior. I respect her. I do understand her feeling. I’m also in a deep thoughts, it’s a quite difficult matter…
— 藤井惠 Megumi Fujii (@MegaMeguCat) March 4, 2014

Fujii’s last fight was back in June 22, 2013 which was a TKO due to eye pokes. Not the way I wanted to see the armbar specialist go out! And Rosi im sure wants a decent match up to go out on after her last fight against Jessica Andrade.

 #8 Wishing Luke Barnatt all the best before his UFC match up with Mats Neilsson. Luke hustles in the gym has made great gains (on his quads!) in his movement quality, strength and power. In February I had the opportunity to meet with Lukes nutrition coach the renowned Mike Dolce read about it here http://www.scramblestuff.com/mike-dolce-london-seminar/

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