Random Training Thoughts #3 (aka idea’s that don’t warrant a full blog post)

James Haskell and Luke Barnatt doing a great job of making me look very small
#1 Expend energies wisely, submaximal training performed consistently can be more beneficial that maximal training done in shorter cycles, especially for busy athletes. 
#2 Realted to #1, There was some consternation over this article, a few folks complained that the loading was too low. Busy BJJ and MMA fighter training loads are huge and they generally cannot tolerate heavy lifting for extended periods. I did state that generally this block was placed after a 80%+ block of lifting. This other key is “Lifting as fast as possible”, lifting submaximal weights quickly makes stimulus much higher, it can be humbling, some however seemed to ignore this.
#3 Wide stance squatting or Front squatting for taller athletes to overcome inherent biomechanical disadvantage, check out Coaching the Squat for Taller Athletes.
#4 Often no mind is paid to restoratives, I try and include some work at the end of sessions that jump starts recovery. Try wall shakes, deep breathing drills, band traction or good old stretching.
MiGym Olifting coach @fbiain gets his hip traction on
 #5 I really like the sitting press as a core exercise done for timed sets with light weight or heavier weight for bodybuilding type reps. For some reason everyone else calls it the Z press

#6 Head over to www.facebook.com/poweringthrough I post a fair amount of day to day stuff you won’t see on here, including insights into athlete training sessions, links to great resources and of course goofy stuff. 
#7 Measurement is one thing but context for that measurement is another. Martin Bingisser wrote a great piece on HRV here. Numbers alone do not give us a whole picture, but form part of a number of informed tests we use to see if athletes are pushing to hard. My two favourites being watching them move in warm-up sets and simply asking them how they feel.
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