Random Training Thoughts #2 (aka idea’s that don’t warrant a full blog post)

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Random Training Thoughts #2 (aka idea’s that don’t warrant a full blog post). 
Taking the opportunity share a few ideas/thoughts I’ve had and things I’ve been working on or trying out that would’nt warrant a full blog post, enjoy!
#1 Youtube is nice but, picking up exercises this way do you really get the essence of the movement? This applies to lifting as well as MMA or BJJ. For people with high physical literacy who are good visual learners this is fine but everyone else probably needs coaching.

#2 For more advanced athletes “functional” training and single leg training just lack the intensity and intent that heavy compound movements do. I does’nt matter how many fancy variations you dress it up in, that neural drive that comes with squatting or pressing heavy just is not there.

#3 Exercises that include rapid transference of force (reversing a movement after decelerating it) are crucial for powerful athletes. This is the basis for triphasic training, but also the reason Dimmel Deadlifts, explosive Romanian Deadlifts and heavy or banded kettle bell swings appear have such a powerful effect.

#4 Do we really need to deadlift often? I posted about this on scramblog and the result was interesting. Deadlift defence force flipped their wigs, until a few got past the bait in the title and gave it read. Exercise selection is contextual. http://www.scramblestuff.com/dropping-the-deadlift-for-bjjmma/. Echoing something steve collins said on twitter the other day “Of course u don’t need to back squat, the same way you don’t need to bench or do BB deadlift, nothin written in stone & as usual it depends”

#5 Carbohydrate depletion maybe a more viable method for cutting weight than dehydration http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23774282/

#6 Im pretty sure facebook fatigue is real, I get sick of motivational posts, preeners, e-fitness experts giving their 2 cents on everything, dime store philosophy and tautology written over black and white photo’s you know the sort.
#7 Try hip traction if you are having trouble opening your hips up, add lacross/hockey ball to glute/TFL for added misery
@Chiro_Dave experiancing traction + ball misery

#8 Coan-Phillipi routine has made my deadlift a lot stronger in only 7 weeks (I still have 3 to go), I am currently chasing down 272kg and have been pulling the numbers the program generated with ease. The extra speed work and brutal accessory work has made my pull much quicker off the floor.

#9 Louie Simmons has an interesting take on Training for MMA, uses technique under fatigue, he talks about this at around 16:00 in the video below.

#10 I love my Wave Gi but the Scramble athlete gi is pretty freaking cool http://store.scramblestuff.com/Scramble-Athlete-Kimono–Blue_p_198.html

For the first post see http://www.powering-through.com/2013/05/random-training-thoughts-aka-ideas-that.html

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