PWRTHR does Death Ground Peaking

So last week I peaked “Death Ground” Squat finishing with 210kg chain back squat, below is the result. This was rep 7 of 10. If you read about the method here you’ll know its not for the faint hearted.

After doing 6 weeks of triphasic lifting followed by 4 weeks of potentiation work 80-55% I finished by going back to 80%+ for concentric only work for 2 weeks. I have now deloaded to 55% to peak in a week or so. Im pretty pleased with this as double LCL sprains had left me barely able to squat over a year or so ago.

I’ve been toying with the method using clusters and the like to increase intensity at different percentages, for instance Sean (70kg MMA fighter) below is doing doubles EMOM and stops when form breaks/speed breaks.

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