Powering Through x Scramble and around the web

 What happens when you combine powering-through and scramble? some sort of Hyper Scramble that scrambles so powerfully it can break a Palhares leg lock and take your back quicker then you can blink… or at the very least an occassional blog post about S&C and for BJJ,MMA and grappling

For those of you that regularly read my blog, you’ll be pleased to know you can read more of my electronic scribblings over on Scramble’s Scramblog

This most recent can be read here “Are Kettlebells worth your time?” http://www.scramblestuff.com/strength-and-conditioning-advice-are-kettlebells-worth-your-time/ Look for more postings there in the future.

Gi reviews very own Brendan Hufford who is a user of my online training program took the time to write about his experiences of the program here How to be more Awesome part 1

Also look for an article by me in an upcoming issue of e-magazine Love 2 fight

Steve May, Me, Sean Carter, on our last strength session before they fight at UCMMA 28
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