Powering Through Performance Seminar #1 ‘Pain & Performance’

Seminar will take place from 10am until 430pm on 18th of April.

During this seminar we will try define what pain is and isn’t, what it may mean to our clients and athletes. How strength and conditioning ideas on pain are often down stream of physiotherapy and medicine and how this mixes with ever present toughness culture prevalent in sport. 

We’ll cover assessment, modeling movement expression, when it matters and when it doesn’t. And how we have the power to enable and disable with assessment. How high performance athletes can succeed despite ‘pain’.

How we can manage the in pain client, covering concepts like load management, athlete client idiosyncrasy and how we can modify exercises and we can leverage novel approaches like, smart exercise substitution, self care, breathing and agile planning.  

What we can do to engage meaningful interventions using personal responsibility, well being and lifestyle based approaches to athlete client care.

Followed by a Q&A.

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