Powering Through Performance is 4 Years old

Things got a bit hairy over the past year, but here we are 4 years old. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the wonderful members & athletes that walk in our doors everyday. Thanks for making it all possible. ⁣

This past year represented a real threat to our livelihoods, being closed 8 out the past 12 months was’nt easy for a small business like ours.

Lockdown was unprecidented and we continued to support our members and athletes from their homes, garages and make shift gyms. And I certainly had my ups and downs, but we persevere.

We went from being a small strength and conditioning gym in chelmsford essex, to supporting a thriving powerlifting and olympic weight lifting community. Offering physiotherapy and performance testing to some of the best athletes in the UK.

Our team continue to support the European tour performance institute (ETPI). Offering some of the best golf fitness and strength and conditioning in the UK.

Our incredible coaches make this job much easier & we can’t wait to see how the future unfolds. Keep powering through.

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