Powerful Review of 2014

This year has been bigger than the last, I am truly happy that I have established a reputation for good S&C in Chelmsford Essex. Working not just my normal quarry of MMA and Combat athletes, but also pro-golfers, footballers and even a downhill skier.

Powering Through is nothing without the athletes that choose to train and learn with me, so huge thank you to all of you!

Here is a run down of some cool stuff from 2014.

Sean Carter pulls a spectacular comeback against Tim Wilde

His lifting parter Arnold Allen gets an honourable mention, despite a narrow loss to Marcin Wrzosek, Arnold has every other fighter in the Bantam Feather and Lightweight divisions terrified. After moving up a division to pick up the lightweight strap at Made For The Cage with six days notice.

Arnold needs a better deadlift face

I found Instagram! http://instagram.com/poweringthrough/


I have continued to write content for scramble and if you take the time to view their blog you’ll find a ton of awesome strength and conditioning information in addition to some clothing I believe they sell.
Here are some of my favourites from this year

Grapplers Five
Recover: Saunas SteamRooms and Dan Gable
Diaphragmatic Breathing for Better BJJ, Lifting and Recovery
Meditation Deep Breathing and Recovery
Lifting for the Non Competitve Grappler
More Exercise Variations for Grapplers: Peaking

Fight Camp Conditioning

Earlier this Year Corey Beasley approached me, liking the cut of my jib. He asked if I would produce content for fight camp conditioning. An awesome collaboration between some of the brightest in MMA and combat sports S&C. Here are are a few choice cuts of training info steak.

High Velocity Peaking for MMA

How do you know if you are read to fight?

I started using a velocity measuring tool (more in 2015 as the platform matures)

I did some Lifting

I Got Stronger 

A Galaxy of Shorts!

My aims for 2015 – Not being satisfied
Back Squat 220kg @90ish kg (im 7.5kg short)
Deadlift 270kg(im 10kg short)
Front Squat 180kg roughly x 2 BW
And knuckle down for BJJ to chase that purple belt with the guys at GB Essex with the excellent Lee Catling who is now at Progressive Martial Arts

We Got Stronger
Big nod to Strength and Power session at Mi-gym.com everyone who came really went after it. Im immensely proud of these guys and girls for surpassing their expectations of them selves. Heres to an awesome 2015.

For those of you involved and have been kind enough to send me messages of support, ask questions, attend seminars or make the step to correspondence training again thank you. Heres to a powerful 2015. Be sure to like Powering-through on facebook www.facebook.com/poweringhtrough or drop by my Twitter @WSWayland

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