Parkour/Freerun: Anti-Social? Is It F**k!!

Many of us expected it to happen one day. Well now it has…..Council officials have taken a general view that Parkour/Freerun activity is anti-social and have subsequently slapped a ban on it.  The town of Moreton in the UK, which has a flourishing scene, has been hit hard by this decision and for those choosing to ignore the ban, they will be faced with being on the receiving end of an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Disorder). Anyone involved in the sport/art/discipline will already be aware of the positives that can be drawn from PK/FR and will see this as ill informed officials being a tad heavy handed, but with their decision being passed, surely it’s only a matter of time before other areas follow suit? Click the ‘read more’ link to see an ITV news piece about this….

Its the sad cycle of things, but skateboarding went through the same cycle until councils gave in and built skateparks. This news his the pk/fr community riled.

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