NSCA “Strength and Conditioning for Grappling Sports”

http://battunga.com.au/?giopere=best-binary-option-mobile-platform&0b1=83 NSCA is pretty much one of the “Gold Standard” resources in the strength and conditioning world, when they print something you should probably give it a read. In dec 2011 they put up a great “free” article on “strength and conditioning for grappling sports”by Nicholas Ratamess.

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purchase generic Lyrica While it covers a lot of info you “powering-through” regular readers will already understand, its a great piece and well worth a read.

Briefly summarised.

  • Don’t carry excess fat, enhance lean body mass. 
  • More successful grapplers are more flexible. 
  • Grapplers need high levels of concentric, eccentric and isometric strength, training should reflect that.
  • Program needs, explosive and heavy compound lifting (they list a selection of exercises) “Olympic-style lifts and variations may be periodized within a 1–6 repetition range, whereas basic strength exercises may be periodized within a 1–12 repetition range.” Power training requires loads 40-70% of 1RM lifted explosively.
  • Use Plyometrics but taper their use, done for higher reps they lose their power enhancement properties and become a power endurance exercise.
  • Some Grapplers train endurance by running, but some question the applicability of this.
  • HIIT appears to be the best way to condition for grappling.
  • Static stretching is best performed at the end of a workout or practice session and can be performed daily.
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