NSCA “Strength and Conditioning for Grappling Sports”

NSCA is pretty much one of the “Gold Standard” resources in the strength and conditioning world, when they print something you should probably give it a read. In dec 2011 they put up a great “free” article on “strength and conditioning for grappling sports”by Nicholas Ratamess.

While it covers a lot of info you “powering-through” regular readers will already understand, its a great piece and well worth a read.

Briefly summarised.

  • Don’t carry excess fat, enhance lean body mass. 
  • More successful grapplers are more flexible. 
  • Grapplers need high levels of concentric, eccentric and isometric strength, training should reflect that.
  • Program needs, explosive and heavy compound lifting (they list a selection of exercises) “Olympic-style lifts and variations may be periodized within a 1–6 repetition range, whereas basic strength exercises may be periodized within a 1–12 repetition range.” Power training requires loads 40-70% of 1RM lifted explosively.
  • Use Plyometrics but taper their use, done for higher reps they lose their power enhancement properties and become a power endurance exercise.
  • Some Grapplers train endurance by running, but some question the applicability of this.
  • HIIT appears to be the best way to condition for grappling.
  • Static stretching is best performed at the end of a workout or practice session and can be performed daily.
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