My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011

I know 2011 is not finished just yet but going over the analytics for my Blog for the Past year, this year I have strived to bring as much new content, random musing and new sports science info as I can. Here are the 5 most visited pages this year.

#1 Strength and Conditioning Advice for Combat Sports/BJJ/MMA
I lay my general training philosophy out for those involved in combat sports, also applicable to other sports.  

#2 Two Day strength plan for BJJ and MMA
Put this together to show how I plan for BJJ and MMA athletes, Im asked often how can I fit my strength training into two days.

#3 Are Altitude Masks Really Worth It?
Growing increasingly popular this year with more and more athletes pimping this device, is it really worth buying?

#4 Sprint Workouts for Improving Fitness
Growing body of research suggesting that sprint training maybe superior to conventional endurance training for an number of athletes across an array of sports.

#5 Sprint Workouts for Improving Power in Judo
Most recent article on sprints improving performance for Judo athletes with an impressive improvement for the athletes involved in the study.

The new Zumba “POWER SCOOTING”

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