MMA saved my life, the Sean Carter transformation story

I have had the pleasure of working with Sean for some time, he is someone who embodies the spirit of a fighter and an athlete. Sean while not the biggest or strongest athlete I have trained over years, Sean will out work anyone time and time again. It is this attitude that has taken him to a 5-0 streak in professional MMA. BKK fighters paid Homage to ‘Sexy Curls’ with this to say;
“Age 23, and clinically obese, Sean ‘Sexy Curls’ Carter decided one day that enough was enough. No longer was he satisfied with being ‘Big-Boned’ and sexy, he wanted to be a lean, mean, sexy fighting machine.

With a growing passion for MMA burning away at his soul, Sean swapped his dancing shoes for wrestling boots and decided to try his hand at mixed martial arts. He soon realised that he was quite good at it. So with a diet of healthy food, plenty of regular MMA classes and an abundance of positive sexy energy, Sean gradually achieved his goal, transforming himself from a 120KG dancer into a 70KG sexy warrior.

Now, age 29 and unbeaten as a professional mixed martial artist with a 5-0 record, Sean is chasing his dream of becoming the sexiest mixed martial artist on the planet.

If you find that you are in a similar situation to the 2007 Sean and you want to find a fun and enjoyable way to shed those excess pounds and unleash your inner sexiness – then pop along to BKK Fighters gym in Colchester and try one of our beginner classes. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see Sean ‘Sexy Curls’ Carter in person, oozing sexiness on the mats.”

Sean also happens to have some pretty sexy squat faces

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