Migym Chelmsford! Calling essex athletes who want to be better

Pro Boxer @Mike_evans1 doing speed chain front squats
If you live in central Essex and can get over to Chelmsford take a moment to head over to Migym in Chelmsford. This place is kitted out very well for the serious trainer or group exercise aficionado. Set up by fitness vet Rachel Young who some what disillusioned with mainstream fitness (arn’t we all) sought to do something a bit different. Part box gym part warehouse facility, they seem to strive to offer a results driven environment.
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What they have put together has impressed me. They have managed to marry oldest school physical culture sensibilities with modern group training ethic. What I saw of the facility on recent visit thoroughly impressed not only with facility but the desire to call in experienced coaches from different disciplines. 
Strength and Performance Coaching
Now for those of you who compete in sport either amateur or professional I have good news.
I’m happy to say I will be offering my performance development coaching through their brilliant facility.
This is my usual brand of individual or small group sessions for athletes looking for real S&C coaching and the opportunity to be more awesome. Additionally in the long run hopefully I will be doing some coach and athlete education sessions.
If you are interested about the particulars, email me williamwayland@hotmail.co.uk, Skype WilliamWayland or reach me on @WSWayland
And for those of you who just want to get fit and look better naked check out www.mi-gym.com
Train purposefully, training professionally
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