Machado Gwangju

I thought id make a post and put up some pics of Machado Jujitsu Gwangju. Ive been training here for over a month after switching grappling gyms. It Costs 70,000 won a month and the training enviroment there is one of the best ive trained at. My korean is pretty remedial but I can grasp what the Instructor is teaching. For those of you reading In gwangju its near chosun university in a side street in the basement of a 20,000 shop
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  1. Yup the place is still going, its usually open from 7pm-10:30pm Monday to Friday, Its up the road from chosun university, if you take the 01 bus heading north and get off 1 stop after chosun university main gate (the big cross thing and that stands over the road), turn down the street by the ministop and keep your eyes open for MMA and machado jujitsu sign its under a 20000 shop, ill be sad to leave in a few weeks

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