Lactate based GPP Circuits

Continuing from last week posts Aerobic GPP the next phase is Lactate based EDT training based on Cal Dietz GPP method which I’ve been experimenting with for a little while. After the aerobic phase we have hopefully built a base of general aerobic fitness. The intention is now to build lactate specific qualities but locally for improved sprint ability but also tax the body globally for continued aerobic training effect (running 400m would be a global lactate GPP method for instance). Cal talks about this here starting at about 40 mins.  This part of a six week plan Aerobic, Lactic and Alactic. Let me just warn you this is HARD really hard. Most the athlete I’ve used this with have found it very difficult in the last minute. Don’t be a hero and ignore the listed loading. Do the work, like Dietz says this about being able to train harder and increase volume for when the heavier stuff comes.

Sample Session – Used with athletes below


 Bench and Ring Row – 5 Mins 10 rep each alternating (35-45% of 1RM)

  • 5 Mins mobility. Band Pull apart/spiderman with reach/Six Point Zenith

Right Leg and Left leg Step-up 5 Mins 10 rep each alternating (35-45%)

  • 5 Mins mobility. Band dislocation/Alternating half pigeon/half kneeling press (light)

Close Grip Push-up, Barbell Curl and OH sit-up 5 Mins 10 rep each alternating (35-45%)

  • Foam Rolling, band based stretching, iso holds.

In the video’s below MMA fighter Matt Hughes is going as quickly as possible will look to speed up over the next 2 weeks EDT style aiming for 2-3 sessions a week.

Bench and Ring Row 

Right Leg and Left leg Step-up

Other options that work well as pairings would be DB/KB RDL’s, ball hamstring curls, close grip push-ups, lat pull downs, supine rows, split squats. Experiment but remember the idea is to keep the fatigue accumulation local.

Another option not mentioned is to do Oscillatory 30s to achieve a lactate training effect this is however very hard! Oscillatory method is talked about here.

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