Koreans “a fitness mish-mash”

Training at a Korean gym by and large is alot like training in a Western gym, regulars say hello, theres a little staring especially if your bigger built, classes go on and you have an array of equipment including Barbells, DB’s, Machines and cable stations, you know the usual. But in the darker corners lurk peices of equipment that really should have died in the 60’s or worse yet something that looks like a strange Horse riding simulator.

In the 1950’s, people thought that they could use this vibrating belt to lose fat
These things should’nt not be in a gym, the only use I can imagine is soft tissue work, Ive seen guys and girls on these things for over an hour.
Now these might look like vibrating platforms, but they’re not, what they do is seesaw from left to right very rapidly. Kind of like a poors mans vibrating platform. e-diet 2000 seems like a poor name.
 Seriously? seriously! http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=99045 check this out. Some fitness equipment designer thought this was a good idea, “I know horse riders have great core strength” we’ll use that idea and put it in a machine. Remember kiddies feet on floor or at least some sort of anchor (see closed guard in grappling or hanging core movements) when it comes to core strength. Otherwise this just a 30p ride outside a supermarket, the difference is here you pay £30 a month for the privalege. Anyway the “Health-MA” gets a thumbs down.
This has become my surrogate foam roller, its great! it pulverises flesh and laughs at you while it does it. The koreans look at me weird because they use it purely for calves and hamstring massage, im climbing all over the thing to hit my IT bands and upper back and quads. Actually rather useful!
Koreans however do alot of stuff right, they’re a rather healthy nation that likes to hike and eat alot of green vegeatables this is largely the over 50’s. The expanding middleclass however likes Work, Soju and smoking too much. They have out door fitness areas with sprung flooring, pull up bars, benches and BW resisted machines and this is in most parks, for shame UK except you guildford who have an outdoor fitness area that im aware of.
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