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“One of the most frequent questions asked regarding Freerun/Parkour training is “How can I increase my vertical jump?”. Luckily, its not a simple case of being genetically gifted. With correct training methods being followed, everyone can improve the height of their jumps. Here’s a new Deep End article from our resident expert, Will Wayland, who provides an insight.”

Jump To It: Considerations For Vertical Jump Training

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  1. hey william, I recently, well on last july, had torn my left knee meniscus, went to the doctor and based on the MRI, it was a minor tear, how can I strengthen my meniscus because right now, sometimes when I bend my knee, it will lock the knee and prevent me from straightening my knee, and when I force to straighten my knee, it clicks and when it does, it really hurts.. Any analysis or some solution would be appreciated since I am involved in the free running sport. Thanks man!

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