Is strongman training the right choice for athletes?

I’ve seen the slow creep of strongman into S&C for sometime ever since Joe Defranco’s early videos of football players doing tire-flips and in UFC primetimes. The velocities being achieved by athletes like MMA fighters, BJJ, Judo players and ball sport athletes are so far beyond the velocities we see in strongman events that the events will have very little dynamic correspondence to these types of athlete‚Äôs performance. Compare the log clean and press to the power clean and jerk the velocities are entirely different.

Injury risk is also tricky with intensive supra maximal loading with things like farmers carries, yoke walks and flexed spinal posistion you see in most amateur stabs at tire flips and atlas stone lifting. The risk to the athlete is enormous.

If strongman is your sport however carry on! And there are instances where you could argue for certain movements. But for most fighters and athletes you need to choose movements the athlete needs. Not something that great in 15 second instagram clip or you-tube video.

Always an inherent risk pushing this to the max! Equally we could argue that Powerlifting and Olympic lifting are a poor choice for athletes. Often it is the ‘Strength Coaches’ lifting sport of choice that paints their bias.

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