Injury profile: The Ankle and Surrounding Areas

Second to the knee the most commonly injured joint picked up from Freerun/Parkour is the ankle. Unfortunately many doctors have little experience or understanding of musculoskeletal mechanics or injury, with many just giving out painkillers and sending you on your way. Of course, you should always consult your doctor with any serious injury but for any problems in the ankle area, I’d recommend seeking advice from a specialist. This article will hopefully serve as a primer and will arm you with some useful information.
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3 thoughts on “Injury profile: The Ankle and Surrounding Areas”

  1. Hi William. I just saw your article on ankle injury, I have a question, I don´t know if you can help me.

    My talo-fibula ligament is always swelling after a short training period. when I wake up in the morning it´s when I feel worse. My Range of motion is not good at all,I have tried the R.I.C.E treatment and it does get better, but I have this injury for a few months now. Is it good to stretch the area when you know the tendons are fragile? lately I have been restricted the ankle by compressing it, and I have used Ice a lot. i´m getting better But I don´t know if i should stretch it or not.

  2. Without looking at it and assessing it myself, its hard to diagnose over the internet.

    Have you suffered any Inversion injuries during your training. If you suffer weakness around the joint it maybe worth getting it checked out. It maybe worth taking time away (few weeks) from contraindicted activity (activity which causes swelling). Stretching the ligament would be a bad idea particularly if your prone to inversion.

  3. I have suffered inversion injuries during my training. several times, I think thats why it doesn´t get better so fast. I never toulk so much time away I am now on my 4th week and it´s starting to get better. I used to stretch it a lot because I couldn´t use the full range of motion and it felt “stuck”. compressing and ice are working but I will see a doctor. thanks a million. I really didn´t know i was preventing it from recovery

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