I love Will Heffernan

There are only a handful of blogs I read regularly, mainly because alot of blog’s suck, with people talking about kittens, being a teacher in japan and what colour their soul is, Will Heffernan’s blog however is funny, insightful of strength and conditioning coaching and very occasionally informative.

To Quote Will himself…

“There are tonnes of places where you can get much better coaching theory than in this blog. There are tonnes of places where you can get much better coaching practice than in this blog. There are tonnes and tonnes of research journals and on and on I could go. This blog is just ‘sanpshots’ of my coaching…it isn’t a narrative. I don’t want to talk about the theory and I certainly don’t want to lecture anyone or try to convince them that I have all the answers…I don’t…even when I do lecture or present all I really try to do is to show people the way I am trying to solve particular coaching issues or problems.

So…if you are waiting for me to lay some coaching secretz on you…then you’re an idiot.”

Will is also australian, Normally i bitch about aussie strength and conditioning coaches mainly because they’re very effective at getting S+C jobs in the UK and Ireland seemingly purely because they’re australian. But Will is on the ball and his “controversial” comments are always a good read.

You can read his blog here at http://willheffernan.blogspot.com

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