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Powering Through Performance Centre

The long standing ambition of Strength & Conditioning Specialist William Wayland & Coach Matt Hughes.

PTPC offers one of Essex's few strength & conditioning facilities. A facility that puts those involved in athletic endeavour at the centre of what we do. Offering innovative, hype-free, planned & progressive training for all.

PTCP is home to UFC fighters, Professional combat athletes, Touring Golf Professionals and Motor Sport stars.

Its also home to a community of committed strength & fitness enthusiasts who like all of use started at square one.


Strength & Conditioning

We offer Strength & Conditioning for Athletes both on a group and private basis from Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

We are known for our work with UFC, Combat Sports, Pro Golf and Motor Sport Athletes.

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Group Training Classes

We offer a number of Group fitness classes. Including Power Through Method a combined strength and fitness class. Power Lift a Group barbell strength session. Olympic Lifting and High Intensity Interval Training and a weekly restoration session.

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Open Gym

We offer regular open gym hours for training enthusiasts to follow programs written by certified strength & conditioning professionals or their own programs.

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