Haemsoo Fitness, Gwangju

Thought id just let you guys know what Im at right now. Im training at Haemsoo Fitness in gwangju. Its not a bad gym free weights (DB’s up to 30kg :(!), treadmills with LCD TVs, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, a steam room, stocked locker room with showers (complimentary lockers, soap, shampoo, Q-Tips, lotion, towels, etc. are all included), an exercise studio and T-shirts and shorts you pick up, wear and dump at the end of your session. The getting stared at alot takes some getting used too, deadlifting is very alien in the gym, but thus far ive had no protests about going heavy. 50000 won a month fee and its cheaper if you sign up for more months

I’ll be starting my MMA and grappling training in a few days time and can’t wait to knock the rust off. New articles very soon for UF.


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