Give these recovery breathing and stretching drills a try after your next training session.

I have posted before about recovery routines before, elements of which can used after both sports training and weight training sessions. I have also spoken before about the need for deep belly breathing post training also. In brief using deep belly breathing we can re-establish parasympathetic dominance and get out of stressed state training encourages. I find many athletes jump off the mat and straight out the door, investing sometime in ‘coming down’ will help kick start your recovery and reduce training stress. These come via Cal Dietz of university of Minnesota, I’ve been experimenting with them myself and with some of my athletes post training and we’ve really been feeling the benefits. Give one or all of these a try after your next training session.

This is an ongoing series of blog posts from William Wayland of Powering Through, who works with UFC and other high level combat athletes based in Chelmsford, UK Twitter. Facebook

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