Give them something they can take away

As a coach the temptation can be, to wow clients with new and novel exercise every training session. We’ve all seen the athlete when left to his or her own devices mangles every exercise and half arses their workouts. Ideally we want a situation where we can let the athlete out into the wild of a gym and have a productive workout “without” you! But this adhoc nature to programming leaves the athlete learning very little.

The greatest gift you can give them is competency.

Things like simplicity of exercise selection and frequency of practice all make a difference, Squatting every session is going to make you better at squatting then squatting every now and then.
When your coaching is based on a knowledge monopoly over your athlete you are in effect trying to control them and are stunting their development. This often stems from insecurity or inexperience on the part of the coach, keeping the client guessing keeps them at a disadvantage. And at the end of the day we are in the business of developing others, providing insight and steering the athlete in the right direction.

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