Fitness Chains love this time of year

If a fitness program has extreme in the title its gotta be worth it right? Right?

Happy new year!

The gyms gets packed out this time of year, with people folling those new resolutions, people buy detox diets or hire personal trainers. Sad thing is most of the people that join will leave after 3 months and join again in september when the next boom period is.

The problem lies within the system that most commercial gyms use: it maximizes their profit margines (long term contracts, joining fees) while leaving the member and client with the least amount of value.

The first thing that you have to realize about a commercial gym is that they are a business like any other and their main objective is to make money. They could not care less whether you use the membership, whether you lose that weight, get ready for that race get strong or anything else your wanting to achieve.

The other thing to watch out of the budding personal trainers that will be all over the joiners, personal trainers have the highest turn over rate of any career, getting personal trainers on board a gym is easy for the employer. Thanks to premier training, WABBA, YMCA course and the like, weekend certified PT’s are everywhere. Consider this would employ a law firm if they turned over 80% of their staff every three months? And or took on and lost staff every month in a never ending cycle?

There are some very good personal trainers out there who will help you towards your goals, so think critically this new year.

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