“Factionalism in the weight room” or “look at these breasts” by TC


More amusing insight from T-nation’s TC Luoma, factionalism in fitness is alive and well. Alot of the Freerunners and parkour athletes ive known usually enjoy defining them selves by the conditioning methods they choose to employ, be it crossfit, barefoot, weight lifting, bodyweight only or self resisted, yoga and methode naturale. Which i consider strange for a sport/performance art that is all about the most effecient method of overcoming obstacles and takes the bruce lee mantra of usefulness to its core.

Visit online forums and observe first hand at the process inmotion usually over the best way to do or not to do things. Occasionally i cant resist sticking my ore in but more often than not i have to wait for people to come around. Alot of the time its like argueing with a crazy fundamentalist who believes the sky is green.

Freerunning used to be know for its factionalism, but now a good community spirit pervades hopefully idea’s on conditioning will do the same, but on the other hand healthy arguement keeps our idea’s sharp

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