Do you really need it?

🔸Lateral Strength Training🔸As a rule strength training is sagittally dominated. This is touted often as a bad thing, we can be guilty of deconstructionism in S&C. The argument being that getting unilateral and lateral will provide force vectors congruent to sport. It also just happens to range from the meaningful like @vernongriffith4 work to the abstract, questionable and down right daft, the attention seeking missiles of Instagram (I won’t tag but you know who you are.
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Here’s the rub do you really need it? Sagittal domination may have its roots in the fact it’s not so sagittal after all. Second order effects of heavy bilateral strength training suggest that it has a pretty strong lateral force producing component and if you want to make those greater just take your stance wider (🖼2️⃣) as pointed out by @r5.johan .

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The point I’m trying to make is multifaceted, is it the best use of the athletes time? My time? Is it doing what I think it’s doing? Can I achieve the same we something simpler? Am I doing because it looks good vs does good? We can fool our selves into thinking the force vectors of a sport are not what they seem.

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Golf is great example as highlighted by @golf_physiologist recently (🖼3️⃣) with magnitude of forces being more vertical than we imagined. Yet Golf S&C is dominated by rotation & anemically loaded lateral strength work. We’ve never had better results on nothing more than a simple regimen of squats and jumps. #PWRTHR#sundaythoughts

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