Currentness Anxiety

Do the basics and do them well! The fitness industry with it endless certs, courses and CPD seeks to create a state of unease a unrealistic need for ‘newness’ at all costs. That some how you are behind the curve, a lack of currentness can seem terrifying especially in this ever present social media world. People grasp at the novel in an attempt to garner attention.

A number of trainers have figured out they can make a lot of money playing on that fear by offering Coach “insert name” certifications. Spend time at seminars or shadowing coaches who have a track record of success with athletes or with clients, often the best coaches have presence not on-line but where it matters their clients. 

This is the main difference with strength & conditioning and fitness. Fitness industry is largely trend based where as S&C builds on a foundation of knowledge and evidence based practice to keep moving forwards. Basics never change. Now go and squat.

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