Big Johns Triphasic Sample Powerlifting Routine

I thought I would share a sample powerlifting routine I developed for a client which maybe of Interest to some of you.

Triphasic training is generally viewed as a athletic preparation which in its original form makes perfect sense. The adaptation triphasic training forces can certainly be adapted to powerlifting. Basically with a few tweaks I was able to build on what I had done with powerlifters previously and make two major adaptations for one of my clients John a natural powerlifter. John is very strong and A. Doesn’t have any spotters available. B. For the immediate future John will be training in the commercial gym. Any serious powerlifter knows these are actually pretty irritating problems to have. Not having spotters makes Triphasic training trickier, as spotters can be enormously helpful when assisting on isometric and eccentric work. To make the program simpler without spotters I had two choices, drop intensity two ways either reduce reps or reduce load. Powerlifters need loading to achieve adaptations specific to their sport so I’d rather sacrifice a rep rather than weight on the bar. Where as with athletes to mitigate risk while getting benefits of triphasic exercise I’d probably reduce load and increase eccentric/isometric duration especially if the sport is no strength or explosiveness oriented.

Eccentric Block 3 Weeks

Above is Eccentric Block aiming for Doubles and Triples with slightly shorter tempos, the intent is that the athlete can recover the eccentric without a partner assist. Most of the Accessory and supplementary work is based on specific requirements of the athlete targeting his specific weaknesses.

Isometric Block 3 Weeks

Main changes over the whole program are aimed at Day 1 & Day 2. Aiming for 80-87.5% loading on Day 1 & Day 2 and 90%+ loading on Day 3 & 4. On the 90% days we found the upper body is more tolerant of higher volume and repeat effort over intensity where as with lower body we got more work done performing clusters (1,1 in the program) performing 1 rep, reracking and resting 10-15s before performing another.

Concentric Block 3 Weeks

From this 9 week cycle John saw a 20kg  Improvement in Squat, 10kg in Bench a lift he had not progressed with in almost 2 years and a 5kg squat improvement. John is now well into his second triphasic cycle, this time with added conditioning integration. You can follow John’s Journey on Instagram.

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