Big Hitters Manual Now Available

Lifting heavy and gaining mass seems to impact the ability to anchor for producing immense amounts of rotational force. Most golfers and baseball hitters don’t train in a way to support this!⁣ When talking with coaches in baseball about the way I have athletes use heavy strength training to improve their golf performance, we found a lot of common ground.

With this in mind Coach Terrence Kennell & myself have collaborated on a program that will helping the aspiring golfer & baseball player build mass & strength that is a important component of hitting big. ⁣

We provide our rationale of strength & mass for both athletes, mixing research, experience & wisdom. Along with a sample 3 day a week program for you to get stuck into. Forget fancy exercises or special strength. We’re here to help you get stronger, bigger & hit further all while you keep practicing to be better at your sport.

These principles should be useful for any coach or athlete when designing a program for more mass and strength. The program is an expression of our thinking and would be great for any beginner or intermediate athlete look to improve general physical qualities that lead to better golf & baseball.

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