Bench potentiation clusters for arm wrestling & Death ground squats

Do not accept a friendly arm wrestle from this man

Bench potentiation clusters

I get to work with a wide array of athletes but every now and again some one from a niche sport comes in to work with me. I have been experimenting with potentiation bench clusters (below) various upper body french contrast and 90%+ cluster methods, with elite arm-wrestler Stephen Kirlew. Stephen has seen a massive increase in his bench press and overall strength while on a adapted triphasic training program. More on Stephens program in the near future. He’s competing this weekend, so I’m wishing him all the best.

Death ground squat

I have been revisiting the death ground squat over the past 2 weeks and Past 2 weeks I’ve done death ground squats with 190kg for 11 and last week 200kg x 7 both felt comfortable, 220kg squat creeping ever closer. This came after performing a high velocity high force training block between 55-80% of my max. Next for me is another triphasic cycle.

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