Band Assisted Jumping

?Band Assisted Jumps?

Band assisted jumping is a powerful stimulus that lets you go full throttle on the velocity end of the spectrum. But many often see it as gimmicky or just cool looking but useless. It is far from that and should seriously be given consideration. Lets discuss some questions I get about band assisted Jumps.

‘Are the bands just helping you jump higher?’

The mistake is looking at the flair and not the floor. The key is what is happening during the landing phase of each jump you will experience a greater stimulus for increased forces and thereby passive eccentric loading and in turn increased velocities as the bands spring you back up.

‘How much of an assist should the bands give?’

I’ve used usually a Maximum -10-30% Body Weight Reduction, but I’ve gone as high as 40%.

‘Why just not do normal jumps?

Do both! This overspeed movement gives us access to enhanced nervous system firing rates and increased intramuscular coordination qualities.

‘Will these help my lifting?’

Force & velocity is often tied to context. So key here is gains come from improved take off velocities not from improved force production. So dont expect new Barbell PBs but do look for improved jumping velocities.

‘When do you use these?’

These work well often as a contrast method. Especially in opposition to heavy lifting. Heavy strength work encourages higher rates of muscular breaking, which can serve to dampen our ability to perform high velocity contractions. Part of this is think is why @cal.dietz peaks with #AFSM to focus on rapid contract relax qualities. This is why band assisted jumps work well in contrast, as a peaking method or a priming method.

‘How do I Program these?’

4-6 x 5-10 reps w/ 3-5 min rest. Either or their own or as part of a contrast set. @ Powering-Through Performance

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