Baby and bathwater

Weight training/strength training/periodisation is undervalued and overlooked by traceurs! there i have said it.

Why has this occurred i have wondered? We have a few things overlapping that have brought in this mind set. The holistic approach, as such and much like “homeopathy” holistic training can only ever be an ‘alternative training’. It explains how it consistently fails to be complementary, despite their rhetoric, and how they are so consistently disparaging of modern sports science. Claiming that we cant understand their approach, because we haven’t “lived” it. If i had to train in every athletes sport i had to work with, i wouldn’t have enough time to do my job. These people see themselves as a real and better alternative to all of what we call applied sports science.

Some see parkour as special and that it has its own set of rules of governing the body. They are standing on the shoulders of Giants. We know how the body works and how best to get most out of it. Just because people have been doing something a certain way for a long does’nt make it right. The original traceurs had limited resources they did the best they could. in muscles for traceurs i outlined how i would train a traceur. I said …


Sorry you’re not. The traceur is a human being and adheres to the same laws of physiology and biomechanics everyone else does, despite impressive feats the traceur doesn’t build super special muscles that can do things normal people can’t.

In my work you have to see the human body as an organic machine that needs to be primed for optimal performance sure programs are specialized for the individual needs but the body adheres to the same simple laws.”

I still stand by that statement. If you do train with weights it should be for postural correction and injury prevention minimum.

And finally you need to realize that weight training is all part of General Physical Preparedness, be it endurance, power, strength, flexibility and mobility. These things are facets that form the greater whole with Sports specific preparedness.

But many tracuers think SSP is all that is needed. Parkour has a high physical demand in practice, as has wrestling, rugby or fighting practice, but it isnt the whole. And potential will ulitmatly be left untapped and the door for injury is left wide open.

One of the problems with the discipline is that it still has growing pains, it still sometimes does’nt know what it is and neither do the practicioners.

On another note im looking forwards to the joe defranco documentary.

I really like this video, the feel from it encapsulates my approach and the approach joeD has spread amoung S+C coaches.

Will Wayland

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