Attack of the Detox and Return of the Personal Trainers

Its that time of year again!

That predetermined time when the gym packs out and personal trainers/fitness managers rub their hands ready for the influx of people trying to keep new years resolutions. Newspapers, TV segments and radio shows pull out so called, trainers ,fitness guru’s, experts, holistic nutritionists, detox docs and various other people all pushing the new body/new year fitness rush.

I was subjected to a radio interview with a local fitness trainer, who was being asked questions and gave the hideously vague answers to questions and was really very little help. It was however brilliant promotion. I open the paper to read about nutritionists (oddly more women than men) who dish out veganesque advice and promoting the cancerous effects of fats and meats.

Yes, while there is a wide gambit of trainers out there, the same goes for any profession. But their are some fitness industry characters who are hard to forgive;
as you can read about here on Ben Goldacres blog.

Still, it seems that there are far more rotten personal trainers than good ones, and unlike doctors or hair dressers or chefs, it’s a lot harder for the average person to know that the person he’s hired is criminally inept.

Most personal trainers today, once they get their weekend certificate from some £500 a pop organization, don’t read anything outside Muscle and Fitness.

So if your joining the gym this year, please think critically about the gym you join and anyone who’s advice you pay for.

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