Our Approach

Strength & Conditioning, Group fitness, olympic weightlifting, personal training and Yoga are among the classes and coaching we offer. We have a team of coaches with diverse coaching experience aim to bring you a training facility based on the idea of conscious coaching. No hype, no gimmick methods and no nonsense. We look to build training competence and community first and fore most.

Our Story

Working in elite sport for a number of years head coach William Wayland has spent that time asking what is the essence of good training and coaching? Hosting his athletes and clients at a variety of gyms, absorbing different approaches and taking time to understand the positives and short comings of many training facilities and commercial fitness venues. William & business partner Matt Hughes have cultivated the philosophy that "we can do better". Powering Through is the realization of that long standing ambition.

Meet the Team

Powering Through Performance Center Coaches


William Wayland

Head Coach & Owner

William Wayland is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). William is a Strength & Conditioning Consultant to the PGA European Tour taking him across the world. When at Home he works in Essex, U.K., where he is responsible for the preparation of UFC fighters, professional boxers, world champion grappling athletes, and professional golfers. William is a former Sports Science educator and practising BJJ purple belt.


Matt Hughes

Coach - Co owner

Matt Hughes is a Personal trainer, Group Fitness Coach, MMA fighter, Entrepreneur and Co-owner of powering through performance LTD. Spending the last 5 Years working closely with William Wayland to develop powering through performance.

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