21-15-9 WIN!

Bit of a training quicky, inspired by a post by Citadel S&C (like them on facebook you won’t regret it). I occasionally give clients finishers at the end of their workouts, this can be grip/core medleys, static holds or sometimes met-con work. The Citadel folks put this up so I could’nt resist giving it a try.

I can only image the citadel S&C coaches are cruel people

21 reps of Hand release push ups
21 reps of 60kg deadlift
21 Any thing goes pull-ups

Straight on to 15 and then 9 reps to finish. Pull ups are really the limiter here, so anything goes in getting reps, jump, kip whatever once strict form dies. 

MMA fighter Tim Stokes powers through

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