2 New articles you should check out

Two new articles up on the Internet this week

The Handsome Cristiano del Giacco and some other guy

Cause for Confusion Strength and Conditioning for Brazilian Jiujitsu
BJJ fighters still get their gi’s in a twist when it comes to BJJ strength and conditioning some still going as far as to recommend not doing it at all. In this article I articulate the whole purpose of the endevour of physical preparation. This appeared on Cristiano Del Giacco’s How We Roll check it out here.

Squatting Twice/Thrice A Week for Grapplers and MMA fighters
I  have written and spoken in the past about maximising training efficiency, the idea of doing strength work twice a week for grapplers and MMA fighters has been kicked around for some time. The task being having a limited amount of time to try and yield maximum training efficacy. The aim always being maximum in ring/on mat performance. With such a small window for tweaks, often small changes can yield great results. Check out the articles here

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